Thursday, June 25, 2009

An entangled mind

You are numb! You are so confused about your interactions in the world that you strangle yourself into submission! You hold on to control, you have expectations from other people. You assume that the world should assume your values, and your philosophy. You are so caught up with perfection, by thinking before you are acting that you kill your life. You are not a dancer, you are seated and chasing the high of perfection with your mind. You are consumed and dead. The dancer dances all over confusion, he skips and twirls right through what is bothering him. He overcomes the boundaries of himself by letting go of the imaginary walls of values that stop his dance. He is free to roam his world. He isn't concerned with good or evil - he is concerned with dancing the human dance. A clear oasis of life because he is no concerned with anything. His mind is the most healthy of all - for he represses nothing. The dancer is the only human being that is alive. The dancer is not concerned with trying to create a perfect moment, relationship or existence, he is concerned with dancing over the fact that no such perfection exists. He does not feel guilt for making mistakes or having his feelings change - for that is in the nature of being. The ones that are so concerned with these events, individuals with pointless thoughts, never live, for they remain numb!

To be alive is to live as a human - in all our scattered, miserable and beautiful moments. Knowledge is not everything and you must not tire yourself in the search for it in order to live, you must act with human instinct. Embrace your instinct. Embrace your neighbor's instincts. As you allow others to breathe the air you breathe, let others breathe their desires as you do. We are all too human. Dance without boundary. Smile and enjoy the zest of life. Let go of your morals that ensure pointlessness, you don't need the headaches! Embrace your insecurities and create invisible virtue! Enjoy the flowers that blossom in front of your face!

A look at comfort

What is it that man seeks? Ultimately his greatest desire, is security. We leap into the fire to learn about ourselves, only to return to our ever so comfortable ways. We all look forward to comfort, one might even say that the lust for hard work is born out of comfort. For isn't it so that the end of the tunnel of hard work is rest? The end of a period of loneliness is comfort in another's arms. For even the end of the quest for the meaning of life or the mind of God is a comfort issue, we want to feel in place, in bedded to the world. Meaning provides such comfort as it gives the individual a sense of 'must act like so'. It is comfortable as it dictates the course of action for individuals, thus removing the responsibility behind their choice.

Falling into place, like a jigsaw piece into the puzzle is by far the most comfortable route to take. It means you will not move, but will be held together by the might of others. For we are mammals, comfort means we will survive.

For those whom seek the greatest fruits of life, they must take a leap out of what they are accustomed to. Plunge into the fire, without malice, but as a traveler. To take your spirit to a level you have never reached before, to find yourself and understand yourself. Do not simply look at the disaster the fire has caused, look at the catalyst is has been in reinvigorating your being. Once you step out of the fire you will have battled it with your own might, your own self with tools that you were not aware you had. You will be elevated compared to where you were before the scourge.

With this elevation, one can find greater places to plant their feet. This place will surely give you greater comfort, alike climbing a staircase. One step up only leads you to stand still on a higher plain.

One can also move in and out of their sanctuary. Understand themselves, within themselves. The moments of awe, the moments of self love are surely the sweetest tasting fruits of all. For another can love you whilst your self-love is absent, but one with self-love is validated without the need of others.

This self-love is not selfish. It is knowing you will die, but living in an aura of serenity. Being of the self, aware of your being, selfish in that you hold this self-love high on it's deserved pedestal., but selfless in that your sense of empathy guides your interactions with others. You do not repress your instincts because you are a slave, simply other peoples feelings of goodness serve your basic instinct. You are holy without God. Good, without fear. You simply understand other people and act to produce genuine feelings from them. You do not please them like an insecure being, you are simply willing to give up what you have for another. Your self-love is so grand that, all you care for is serenity. Knowing that you must strive to create your life as an abode of serenity, you do not chase the ever so fleeting highs of knowledge. Your instinct now is to live the serene. Be the tranquil. It doesn't matter if you are a king or cleaner, the measure of a man is his serenity. His ability to be in ecstasy of life, whilst other row and miss the point. Why row if there may be no point? Why harm if there may be no point? Why chase the tail of your ego if there may be no point?

Live in your moment, inside your sanctuary, and when others want to join invite them in in herds.

Care for despair

If this world is an abyss, if this world and my life means nothing, who cares? If it means nothing it should take the care for despair away. Let me illuminate and stimulate my existence. We still have the abstract to play with, this abstract life. We have spirit, imagination and serenity without God. Creativity, in the moments that we are alive. Let us be creative with our steps. Let us taste the fruits of our being - love, exertion and thought.

Die trying to break away from your determined nature

Here I am, enclosed in a tiny room. This room is a small cube that takes up less than 0.000000000000001% of the world's space. This is my environment, I could be on the other side of the world born into poverty, but I'm not, I am here in my room with the family, friends, education and experiences that are unique to me. What I have behind me is the canvass I need for the moments in front of me. The canvass will have my portrait painted on it. At this very moment my character is in portrait, but the picture is perpetually evolving. The moments and choices in time ahead of me will continue to paint who I am.

I have this moment in the palm of my hand, evolving and unfolding like a flower blossoming in front of me. I can't see the moment pass, but I can feel the essence of time revolving. I can't see anything worthwhile for humanity or I, than to seek tranquility. Truly here, living for the universe. What a wonderful life! Say it humanity, what a wonderful life for those that can live it! I'm living it, within myself. Give me peace of mind in the moments ahead of me, for time can run away from those who let it. I cherish, admire, revel, ponder and love every moment I live. Each moment is a cube of wonder. The universe. The creativity of humanity. What we have become, we are experiencing it! For the humans that are enlightened, we are at the forefront of the human experience, constantly evolving.

Releasing your mind

It's not because you know more, or that you are more intelligent that your heart is unshackled, but that you have let go of what you thought you knew. You let go of what you so vehemently believed, that led you to judge. You have transformed from a bound infant into a man of the world. You know what is important in life. The smile and happiness of human beings. The freedom of not being attached to anything. The liberty of a clear oasis of thought.

Create your sanctuary

In one's sanctuary there should be true relaxation. A sanctuary full of serenity. Truly be in the moment, as you are experiencing your sanctuary. It is your time to exercise the human emotions you have inside of you, let the animal inside you burst with life. Explore your mind, body, sexuality, get to know yourself. This is a very healthy thing for any human being. Let your creativity flow. If you want to be the most powerful being in your life, you must know yourself in depth. A solitary moment in one's sanctuary shall add to your knowledge. Let your energy flow throughout your body. In your sanctuary you are not judged by anyone. You are the rule maker.

I am in a cube. A cube with transparent glass surrounding me. The glass is so clear, it doesn't even look like it's there. The roof is cut out, so i can feel the breeze course through my hair. The sun is facing my way. Above me, I have clear blue sky. Below me, I have clear blue water. I am alive. No-one else in sight. I close my eyes and I feel at home in the world. At no point in my life do i feel so alive, so absolutely beautiful. The negativity flows out of my body. I am naked for the whole world to witness. I don't care. I am free in this little abode.

The butterfly effect

The flap of a butterflies wings can obstruct the course of the world. Events lead to new events. Life is a chain, a chain of events. Take out any part of the chain dating back to birth and you will be in a different position you are in now. Events do not happen for superstitious absolutist reasons, such as "everything happens for a reason" in the sense that God intervenes. But everything happens in order to put man in his present situation. This is the reason things happen. Things simply happen to shape you my friend. Who really is wise? If no man truly knows the truth of his existence, then who can surely say they are wise? This is why events happen, to shape people. Shape them to create ideas of their own personal existence, then in turn they may become wise to what they believe. Every idea, every work of art, music, literature and dialogue stems from that person's own life events. No idea is innate. So where does that leave man? Simple, there is no God, there is no true obligation in life, just that we must exist. We create what we want in our life. We take our of life what we want. We also give to life out of our generosity. We may add to the portrait of humanity, in order to help others understand the world or we may live in a selfish abode giving nothing to each other. It is your choice, and it underpins the beauty of generosity. Because there is no obligation or control demanding generosity, an act of generosity is is a much more powerful and beautiful act. How do you want to live?

Dancing is what we do

In attempting to live a good life, we have a fear that we will fail miserably. Many of us do not know what a good life is, as there is no mode for everyone. One must define what they think a good life is and then live that life. This method is very mechanical, so much so that it may actually distract one from living a good life. Is there a happy medium or will this lead us to run in circles? The end of a good life is to build up an aura of beauty in one's existence, significance to the individual; we are happy and our happiness seeps through to generosity to other human beings. We walk down the street and smile, we look at what "is" and are able to smile at it. This is life, the "is" is above our control. It constitutes the laws of the universe, the laws the govern our everyday lives and uncertainty about the world or subjectivities, "is" is objective. It is all things that are out of our control, we may never understand what "is" is. However we must dance with "is", as we dance in the face of great thunder! We dance and choose our own movements, but it is the thunder that dictates the state of our surroundings. We never take our focus off the thunder - even whilst we are dancing with it - because we are still open to learn how to move in it's face. Why can we dance with such vivacity? Because we know that there are things that we and humanity know, things that humanity knows that we don't know, things that we think we know and most crushing of all things that the universe knows that we will never understand.

Because of this we are open to the idea that we are significant or insignificant. That we may die and end with nothing else. We are not concerned with what "isn't" and we accept what "is" with a welcoming hand. We are not afraid, nor are we attached. All we know is that we are alive and precious to ourselves, whilst we are too busy dancing. Dancing for our lives, looking at what is in front of us and acting. Every moment reminds us that the very fact that we may be insignificant gives our life significance. According to the universe, we do not matter, but according to us we are the light. Our life revolves around our minds, unique to each other. Do you not feel to be the centre of this grand universe?

We know that physically we are not the centre of the universe, but we do not know what the universe has prepared. That is why we still dance, this life we live must be laughed at. As we cultivate ourselves, our life and our gardens, we realize how beautiful life is because the only thing we know for certain is that we will die.

We have to dance, what else are we going to do? There may be no-one to save us when we fall and life isn't perfect, so what can we do other than dance?

Gateway to heaven

Our mind is the gateway to heaven on earth. It is our curse and our blessing. A stimulated mind may allow us a tranquil abode, for our mind is certainly the centre of our universe. Let us be high, exploring all that our minds can offer. Let us live by the power of our minds, the ecstasy it can provide. Let us fall into our imagination as if we are in the middle of the ocean. Let us know the limits of our mind and the adventure it can provide.

Thrusts of love

The driving force of man - the will to life? Slapped onto the earth with the goal of reproduction, amongst the confusion of who we are surrounded by. Some of us find our will to life a veracious journey, hot then cold, up then down. Sometimes we don't feel the serenity of the love. We try to fit ourselves into a predetermined structure of love - some inevitably fail to conform. It feels as if we are materialistic beings in action, but surrounded by a mist of colorful love. Shooting us like the arrow of cupid, missing us to throw us into the abyss. The more people we surround, the more we feel this mist expand and confuse us. Where is our love shooting? Alone, in the abyss we capture anyone that crosses our path. Focused with intensity, all our energy is directed at who this person is.

Some are great lovers, but woeful companions. We are all subject to the thrusts of love. Some of our lives depend on it, others disregard it. It dominates our minds and fantasy. I am thrown into the deep dark abyss - in the name of love - and then slammed into indecisive angst. The blind motion of our hearts. Is it blind or is it genius? It transgresses all boundaries. It is the driving force for creation in our life. To be at home in another human being's arms. These are the movements in which angst leaves our minds. The moments when serenity enters our hearts.

The whirlwind

The whirlwind, the whirlwind. In it's due course it carries all that lie in it's path. Dust, leaves and scrap are all wound up by the power of the whirlwind. The constituents of the whirlwind do not understand the whirl, they are caught in it's ferocity. The scraps of the whirl are controlled by the whirl. By chance they were in the whirls path, the lottery they lost. Man is caught up in this whirlwind. The lottery of birth dictates the current of the whirlwind one is to be enthralled by. Is one destined to stay in such a whirlwind forever, or may man free himself of the course the whirl takes?

Twirling around, twirling around, may I ever escape this trap? Do I want to escape my twirl? In motion I live, living I am. May I twirl as fast as I can so that I can fly. Flying I will be after I have gained my ascent. In twirling at the speed of light, one focuses on the veracity of the twirl. One cannot fly if they twirl with hints of apprehension, for no ascent is ever gained with such a weak twirl. Every man is able to twirl with speed, although not many do. Every man is a limited being, but who knows the true nature of such limits? May man reach his limits! May he beat at the door of transgression! Let us not whirl as part of the whirlwind, let us twirl in the whirlwind. Let us break free of what is holding us down.

Get on that table!

Be illuminated, be the light of your world, light up the life you lead. No matter what, man wants to live well. Be that dancer rocking the centre of the dance floor. Let others feel the light you exude. Let everything go apart from the dance you dance. What you have read about the world gives you certain idea's about the world. Everyone's ideas differ, the world may even be an idea as Schopenhauer put it. There is one constant - dancing the dance of life. Not being ashamed of being human, in all our faults. You know there is so much you don't know. You will never force another human being into following your perception, you never harm, but you always dance. You know that you don't know why you exist but you are able to jump onto table-tops and do your dance - however stupid you look - in your world of ecstasy. You are high when you are down, because the dance you dance consumes you.


Is it the goal of humanity to realize their essence or is it the goal of each individual to realize his own essence? Maybe it is up to both to find out. Is it possible for a man to create his own essence, even though his sole purpose of existence is to create more life? How sure are we that this is the only purpose for our species? Man's essence may be that he is to reproduce and if he achieve that function he has done his job. How about a man giving humanity stimulants to enjoy or at least endure life? This creates a grand problem as man may not be able to create himself entirely of the essence of his choice. Man has been made already, his mind is primed to one goal only - survival. Can we then say that it is entirely man's responsibility to create himself? Yes, we can, certain men have the ability and others simply lack the opportunity. You for example can access much of the Arts, in order to stimulate your mind. It is your responsibility to paint a portrait of yourself, on the mammal you are. You are not simply a mammal that only acts toward procreation, you are a human being that is able to reason, remember and use your common sense. You are aware of yourself and you are able to be alive, not only exist. It is your turn to ride the roller coaster, make the most of it because the ride will end.


The feeling of inadequacy is one of the lowest feelings that plague our lives. It can deflate a man of his zest for life, without the zest for life a man has no reason to live in his own eyes. When his reflection in the mirror stares back at him, he can feel himself degrading before his own eyes. His reflection has no right whatsoever to claim manhood. His reflection is that of failure, as he turns to the ground he feels darkness overcoming him. Why must I be subjected to ills in this life? Why can't I be in total control over my body and life? These are questions that may never render an answer. This man must simply bring life on and seize what he has. He must not pity his condition, for pity will only stop him in his path. If he doesn't exert himself in seizing what is in his power to, he will never leave the abyss he is surrounded by. He may forget about his inadequacy and move into more powerful territory.

Falling aqua - how you know destiny

A drop of water splashes onto the pavement in front of me. As I watch it fall, time slows down for me to admire it's grace. This little droplet sure has grace as do all droplets of water. It moves through the air destined to crash onto the pavement below. This is the fate of all droplets, and the grace is that they do not expect anything more from the fall, but to crash. There is no droplet afterlife that they can look forward to, there is only the fall. Some droplets have a long fall and others a short one, is that fair?

As the droplet continues to fall in front of me, I realize it's form moving in and out of itself. It then splatters all over the pavement. Poor droplet it is forgotten forever. Is this the kind of fate I will endure? A random fall just like the droplet, only to be forgotten for the aeon's of time? If this is my fate, as it is the fate of all life, is that so bleak?

I take a step forward. I take a step back. Each step I take leaves an imprint of my shoes. In a blink of an eye, the universe collapses on top of me. I have an impact of the earth, as my footprints have shown me. Other's have an impact of my life or else i wouldn't be wearing the shoes I am wearing. Do these imprints make any difference to the universe? Are all actions fruitless, simply because of the fact that we are no more than a droplet cascading toward it's own demise? Why are we all thrown into this party, where we fear, love and hate? Why do we feel the need to protect our lives, if this party has no grand finale? Or is that the very reason why we want to live so happily? Without God, when death is the end of your life, yet the party continues, why should anyone care for anything except for the peace of their mind? Why should we listen to those that believe they know what exists outside this life? Cannot we simply enjoy the art of living, living for this life and be content with no more? Why are we labeled as evil if we want to live on our own accord, with no attachment to God, provided we do not harm others? Why can't you take responsibility for your own actions and make your choices without the man testing you? Don't you want to dance through this, rather than despise it? Why can't you accept the freedom the truth gives you and dance with it? Why do you live so seriously, when this life is so fleeting! Why do you fantasize about paradise, when you can simply enter a sanctuary of your own? Don't you feel a certain tranquility in the fact that you are insignificant, yet you are the centre of significance in your heart? Don't you find comfort in the fact that you will die and know nothing of your existence, failures and triumphs? Regret nothing when you are dead. Isn't this what is precisely significant about our life?

Where are we now?

My heart, my mind and I are all over the place. Scattered like the ashes spread across the ground, nothing stable inside of me. My heart, my mind and I are lost, lost in this exotic world, thrown into this paradise-hell for no reasonable reason at all. I must sew myself together, my heart, my mind and I, attach themselves to each other. How on earth can that happen? My heart lusts for comfort. My mind is tainted by the past that steals that comfort from under me, and I can't see what lies over the mountains that close in on me. One day the mountains are no more than a mole hill, whilst other days the mountains inject fear into my blood because of their grandiosity. What ever i perceive the mountains to be, I cannot see over them. This blindness stops me in my tracks. I cannot act if I cannot see. I am frozen. I am lost, I am a prisoner of my own creation, for I have created my own boundaries. I have created these mountain like walls that surround me. I am a beast that is holding a future ransom, my own future. I must escape. But why must I escape? Is there any reason to escape? I am lost, but I am not looking for anything so I cannot be found. As I look to the sky I see a clock that claims to count down time. I cannot see the time to be counted down, all I can see is a short note. The note is vibrant for all to see. The note lies against the black sheet we call the night sky. "Moments will pass until you die, searching is a fruitless endeavor. Everybody is lost. Deal with it."

X tapped his foot on the ground to test if he was still on earth, then realized he was out of his mind. He fell to his knees, thrust his hands up to the sky and pleaded to the sky to take his pain away. X wanted help, but as we all know 'help' was not on it's way. X forgot that it was inevitable that beautiful things would one day cross his path, but he could not handle the responsibility of choosing the paths that would intersect with beauty.

Was there a right path to take, so that X could come to pass beauty on his venture? Is it too much to ask for a beautiful path, to create a path with ceaseless beauty, so that one does not hope to cross beauty? A path as such is a life worth leading. Wonder lets X dance, for X, living is flowing with a smile. That is a path well worth traveling, is it not?

Jump at me!

In life, I want to be surprised! I'm bored of this existence but I cannot reset the moments that have been allocated to me.

All I know is what I've done, and knowing the world has so many more things to offer I have failed in doing nothing. In doing nothing, in acting the way I have, I have strangled myself into nothingness. How can I dance the dance of life if I am nothing? Am I worthy of dancing for some would say I have nothing to dance over?

Lost. We are always lost.

On the sea

The boat I travel the ocean of life on is a Gondola. Yes, I take my Gondola through the ferocious oceans. By using my Gondola, I am able to suffer, but endure the harsh storms. Once the storms have subsided I enjoy life on the calm ocean with so much more gratitude - the smooth sailing is a sanctuary, a romantic ecstasy of love with the ocean. The peace. The feeling that I am truly in a moment where my body is free of meaninglessness. Wholeness at his best! Oh great man of the moment, what could truly take your peace away? His sense of self is actually congruent with reality - that life in peace is the ultimate end. Through the difficulties he has risen to absorb time and relish what is. Why anyone would want to travel the ocean journey on a luxurious ocean liner is beyond me... The highs, the lows are both erased, how you shall miss the whole point of the journey!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The power of environment

Imagine a child in his first year of schooling. His parents have sent him to a religious affiliated school to learn the values of a certain world view. Every time this child comes to class upset or one of his fellow students comes to class upset, the teacher simply reassures the student that God loves him, and to simply pray for what he wants. Whenever the students have an obstacle to overcome, the teacher simply rounds the children up for prayer. Now the teacher had other options, in which he explained to upset students why they were upset and how to work through it on their own terms or before an obstacle he could run through strategies. How do you think this student, when he grows up, will deal with each problem in his or her life? God is the answer. Now ask yourself this, is God the answer because he is the ultimate truth or at childhood God was conditioned into the child's psyche, thus the product of his early environment has lead him to believe in God, blindly or not???

What happens to this child when he is confronted by logical facts that contradict the things he has believed his whole life?
Guilt is the first answer that comes to mind.
What about when this child realizes God may not exist, how does he then deal with problems in his life?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Food for thought

Balance of control and freedom to achieve social harmony.
Laws are in place to control human actions.
Laws do not always produce order.
Through laws we are able to fashion our society’s morality
into the image we want our country to be.
Whether this is for optimal social harmony or otherwise
may be debatable.
Laws should not be in place to achieve justice,
because justice is an abstract concept that may not
Laws should only be in place to achieve a harmonious
We must question whether or not control is healthy
for the individual and society.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

On happiness in la la land

We must all understand that we are humans. Our biology make us the fifth ape, but we are given the gift of thought. We create things to sustain our happiness or find it for those that lack it. Our emotions, creations, ideas and psychology all intertwine to make us feel fundamentally good or bad. Each human being must strike his own balance. Create himself, but his creation must only serve one purpose, to become a man of goodness. Not righteousness, but goodness. Right and good are two separate entities. Emotion and logic also are quite different. We must ask ourselves, what is more important, truth or emotional security? For example if we know someone is truly happy, but is living in what a thinking man would call ignorance of the truth, should we step in and highlight his ignorance? Thus leading him into the abyss that life is?

Maybe the truth is, there are no truths at all. No best way to live. No right or wrong. Nothing like 'this is what you should do...' No truths, just comfort in ideas. Comfort for minds that cannot comprehend that we are not right in any of our actions. Maybe thats what make the world go around, comfort. Maybe comfort means contentment, and contentment means happiness.

Nature -> Essence -> Death

Our nature is that we seek, we desire, ultimately for comfort. Comfort of heart. We soon realize that desiring the comfort never gives one comfort. This is the ultimate trap. Freedom of this desire is true freedom. That is a free spirit, a desire-less beast.

You are born into nature. You create the essence of what you want to be in the present and future. Then you will die. More than 99.9% of past, present and future peoples will never know you existed, let alone what you did on earth. So why be hungry, why have a zest for life, why life in true goodness? You do it for YOU. No one else's eyes, but your own. So you can say, with true conviction that you are what you are.

You are all the author's of your condition.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A must read for mortals

As on reclines on his deathbed, what thoughts, what questions are most likely to course through your head?

Will you lie there and say to yourself, "did i conquer as much as I could?"


Will you ask yourself, did I overcome my condition, was I the best human being I could be?

As one travels the journey of life, the thought of conquering all life can become quite seducing. Is it the "will to power"? It is a deathtrap for many. It creates values that are obsolete, imprisoning. The will to power is a very misunderstood term. What power does this refer to? Man's power over other men? Man's power to conquer his insecurities or the power to deny them?

If God exists, would this be logical to assume...

You are simply in angst about the formalities of religion. It's quite simple my friend, good thoughts, good words and good actions (thanks Zarathustra). Love toward humanity and earth. Fuck man-made establishment attempting to fuck true believers around. What is the point of having a political religion? I couldn't help but to wonder if God actually cared for politics. Surely the highest good for God is simple love for one another, compassion and reverence for all life.

A coin has two sides

As I stand upon this mountain, I am between the view of the city - stress - and nature in solitude - tranquility. Such as in life, there is beauty and ugliness. What does that mean to the everyday man? It spells sadness and joy. It is a fine line to be walked my friend. For what good is it to see the world as ugly and sad? In each of our hands we hold the words beauty and sadness. The hand one decides to use is surely an indication of what life they will lead.

In this game of pointless chance, must we be so sad? Rise up, person of glory, person of vibrancy and the people in pursuit of freedom! Create the ideas, the meaning and the person you want to be. Today, many are in bondage. We have moved from a time where the bondage held the body and free thought, to a time where the heart is in bondage. Our heart is destined to be free, is it not? Today the saying goes "money gives freedom," but what good is money when your soul is now the possession. To be free means to have no fears. What sends chills into your spine, is it love? Fear of poverty? Fear of inadequacy? Fear of unpopularity? Understand that these fears are created, and consume one's soul. These man made 'things' are pointless. Quite simply one hasn't to do anything in life. This sounds lazy to the fool, but to create your essence from nothingness is surely a respectable feat. This is true solitude of the heart. Serene and beautiful. Do not be told what matters, create what matters to you. In fact one has ONE duty, to create themselves, but too often I hear the excuses of those from whom comfort exudes. Liberate yourself, release your fears. Truly create yourself, untouched.

The invisible heart of virtue

A heart of gold they say? How foolish is the heart of gold! A heart of gold is surely for the average man, is that not so? Well for the superior man, a heart of gold does not suffice, for a heart of gold implies another man's ideals. Thus, we must strive for the heart of encrypting invisible virtues. "Invisible virtues?" the fool exclaims in outrage, "what good is a heart of invisible virtue?" Well my friend, invisible virtues are truly the concrete foundation of the superior man. Untouched, disobedient, these virtues pay no heed to the pointless. These values embrace humanity to it's fullest. For what negative can arise from embracing humanity? To be in love with people. People from around the globe, feeling and sharing the journey of life. This invisible heart of virtue is so much more full than following the heed. For what good are laws unless they are the laws inscribed in one's heart?

Who is the more sincere loving man? The man who, through experience and loss, chaos and rejuvenation acquires a certain value OR the fool whom has no idea of his ideals and begrudgingly pays heed for another man's value? Tell me brother, whom would you trust with your life?

Surely we have the ultimate gift of self-definition and self-ownership. We own our own souls????? We own our own destiny, our beliefs, our love and our life. Surely there is no justice in pressuring another human into an essence that is predetermined from old fashioned cultural norms. Humans should be given the right to determine our own essence. I will tell you something, my friend, now listen for a lioness is about to roar. Insecurity plagues all. They say "money is the root of all evil" or "religion is the root of all evil", but I will shout out that it is man's each and own insecurities that shape intrinsic and extrinsic war. Man is an insecure beast. Predetermined values that are useless, yet many still swear by - cater to extinguish some of the pain these insecurities cause. Do not reject your insecurities by creating extrinsic values, embrace them, within your heart for they will be healed. Do not run!

Once the superior man's heart has cleansed itself of it's impure insecurities, cannot it then say it is an invisible heart of virtues?

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Who is a man with no power? He is useless. Today there are many men with no power. There are many men with money and top positions, but many have are powerless. Power is having the ability to positively influence other human beings into living with love and compassion, this in turns gives others power. The powerful are the most courageous, and it takes courage to give another human being power. Giving someone else power to live to their fullest potential makes many people weary. Many men are scared of other men. Fear grips them. On a macro scale, take a look at the US. One would scoff if I was to say they weren’t powerful. They have external power, such as military and economic power, but they lack truly helpful power. External power is not true power. Destroying others does not help humanity to grow. They lack the courage to sincerely give other countries tools for their success. That is why they are seen to be greedy and immoral. On a micro scale, this is very similar to the man that has ‘everything’, a beautiful house, strong bank account and influence over the workings of his local council, along with an able working body. This man does not lend a helping hand to other where needed he fear’s other men becoming more externally powerful than he. It is a dog eat dog world for this man, his heart is sickly and sad. On the face of things this man has everything, but in the reality of life as beautiful as it is, he has nothing. The man with everything may be a humble cleaner that struggles to pay his rent, but views the world with compassion. He understands that the greatest gift in life is to give. To see a smile on someone’s face is worth a goldmine. But, because we live in a world filled with the needs of external power, the cleaner has fewer tools to be able to give to his comrades. He isn’t able to reach as many people as he can to help. Granted, he helps whenever he can, and this is what gives him power, but an individual with more tools can do more. Now, I’m not saying that the poor cleaner isn’t as compassionately progressed as someone with more tools, I am simply saying he is physically unable to do things that a wealthier man can do. But what is that wealth I am speaking of? It is a balance. A balance between the mind, body and spirit. These combinations must be fully cultivated in order to be the most powerful you can be. None of these components can be left out if one wants to achieve full power. The mind corresponds to learning and thinking. Learn and think to the best of you’re ability my friend, for it will bring much great reward. You will be able to make money, but more importantly you will be able to convey what you know to others. What good is wisdom, if it cannot be shared? The body corresponds to health. Being physically able is imperative. But the body also is the road to both the mind and the spirit. Without a healthy acting body, functions of the mind and spirit will be short changed; therefore you will not be able to unleash the full potential of your power. Spirit links both your body and mind to something more powerful. The spirit corresponds to your higher self, the self that yearns for growth, and is VERY separate to the ego. It needs healing. The spirit needs healing, and lessons are learnt throughout life in order to achieve that, but to rely solely on experience to learn is sloth. Wisdom gives the spirit energy to prevail, and heal. Never turn your back on the wise. Never turn your back on quality advice.

Stop chasing the high

What does it take to be happy? Surely, everyone here on this earth is striving to be happy. I am determined to find out what makes me happy, in a life where vanity and the internet fast love are consuming many, being happy is a very excruciating task. Is it that we may ‘think’ and ponder unnecessarily about happiness in the belief that we, upon yearning to be happy, will be happy? Is happiness a destination? Or something that follows like a guardian angel? Maybe happiness on this earth doesn’t exist, but it does and even if it doesn’t we need hope. It is desire. Desire kills the happiness. This world is plaguing with false desires, false needs, false hopes and false realities. We are in control of our lives. When times seem low, chin up and ask yourself, why so bad? Is it that you’ve lost a loved one to death or disease, or you have lost a physical part of you? If not, then be happy. Do not succumb to unnecessary social pressure. Social pressure is perfectly healthy in the proper dosage, its what keeps most of society abiding the law and so forth. But unnecessary social pressure is a parasite to happiness. Depression is skyrocketing for a reason here on earth. The ‘grass is always leaner on the other side’ bullshit hurts whoever lets it consume them. Its ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ bullshit. WHY DO THESE THINGS EXIST? WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT IN HAVING FALSE DESIRES CONSUMES OUR LIVES? You know what it is it’s a fucking sorting process. It truly sorts the men from the boys, the sluts from the good. It’s so disheartening looking at a world full of rubbish hearts. And you know, that could be offensive to some people, people that think about ‘equality’ in a warped way. The reality is some people are just better than others. Face it, the amount of ‘boys’ in this world that only care about their bank and their cock with no regard for integrity make me sick. Yeah money is good, and yeah sex is fucking awesome. But do it right. And you know what, while I’m at it FUCK ALCOHOL. You like getting pissed do ya? You unhappy muthafucker. You get confidence when your pissed do ya? Yeah fuck you you ain’t shit. Most crime waves throughout history are accredited to alcoholic consumption, and don’t forget all the sluts it has produced. There is a reason why many in the West are turning into a pile of filth. Look around, you will rarely find an individual that is not desensitised to violence, sex and drugs. Me, ill pay my dues on this earth. I’ll work with integrity, every step is a battle against the profane. Am I perfect? Fuck no man, but I strive to better myself in every moment of my life. Fun is temporary and happiness is long lasting. So instead of chasing the highs like a fucking junkie, sit back and relax. Relax in the sense that if you do good things, good things will come. Do not be lazy, but truly relax. You have a duty here, fulfil it, and smile at the stranger beside you. Karma always fucks you whether you like it or not. Live life. Love life. Be truly tranquil.

Be the king of your world

Every once in a while, one has to ask who they are. Hard question to answer? Sometimes I find myself in a dream that’s so far away. Tell me what’s happened to me. Sometimes I see myself falling. Well, I am Darren. I say that word with pride. No, not bullshit pride either, but honour because I am me. Life is a conundrum. Are we a product of the moments in life or do we make them? Neither, we as people are defined by how we handle the ‘shit’ that life throws at us, we learn from the moments that make us, in order to create moments that are strong. Life isn’t easy, by all means. Peoples lives are not set in stone, our lives are not a pre-told story. Travelling somewhere, could be anywhere. Life goes on, bring it on. We can either choose to take a path that seeks fulfilment, happiness and satisfaction but that is a hard road to take. It takes strength, strength to go through the worst and learn. This isn’t pity story either. You start weak to be strong that isn’t hard to understand. We also have our own personal standards that make us who we are. Me? Like I said I am Darren. I want to strive for the best character that I can be. Never do I want to lower myself, but sometimes ‘shit happens.’ When that shit happens I grow, I prosper. At this point of my life I am growing. Sometimes when the ‘shit happens,’ people stand and get the shit kicked out of them. I’m not one of those people. I am my king, one day ill achieve perfection. Perfection hey? Yes until the day I die I will strife to be the best person I can be, one day I will be perfect. Perfection isn’t easy. Perfection first takes the realisation that is must be earned and is valuable to life. It takes sacrifice to what we THINK is sometimes a good act, and knowing it is unhealthy. It takes strength and wisdom, to be able to call your own heart your home. To love yourself for who you are and what you stand for. This gives humanity strength. Veneer’s of vanity mean nothing to the perfect character. To be a good person, a good character trying to settle the bad traits inside of you takes courage, courage to leap into your mind and be your own person. Pie in the sky you say, are you sure about that? If you haven’t tried all of your life to be the best character possible, then you cannot answer such a question. By all means it’s possible, but it’s also hard. Majority of people in society do not hold good character, but to strife for it makes you different. So life please rain down as hard on me as you can, because I am strong, I will survive and be bigger, better, stronger and wiser. For, I am Darren. One day I will be the best character in the world. There will be no publicity, no superstardom, no ‘bullshit’ of that sort. There will only be admiring eyes, admiring eyes that too have seen the true beauty of striving for the best character they can attain. One day I will have a happy family, who too share the same values that I do. I pity the fool, but the fool seldom influences me. At times during my youth there may be instances where the fool sneaks in, and hey it has happened but I’m glad it happened now for I can learn. In life people are lucky to hear me talk, to share what I hold true and to be their friend. Never will I turn my back on someone in need, not even my worse enemy. It is simply not in my nature. I hope whoever reads this listens, but most likely most will laugh. But I am sure you will not be laughing last, if you take the dirty road you will simply exist. Be rich in your soul my friend, there is nothing to loose. You and I are amazing people. Many times, after having been rained upon I have learned to value my soul, to value Darren, the person I am. I am taking a chance on the other side because when I look around I do not see many people that value their lives. We were given life with or without God, we have one chance to live a beautiful life. So stand up, live happy and do what you feel is good. Listen to the words that wise people speak, what is the harm? Unfortunately you may be enjoying the temporary fun your having, you may think that makes you happy and when a wise person speaks you may not have fun. But do NOT mistake happiness for fun, they are different things, COMPLETELY. Happiness comes from true value of yourself, realising that you are beautiful and letting yourself hold yourself true. Let the heart you own, own you not the ego that creates a false security. When you let your ego takes over your life then you do live in a dream that is so far away. You are so far away from what you could be. Ego is never satisfied, you are always falling feeding off your ego. For the people that have told me I would amount to nothing, ill show you. For the people that laugh, laugh as hard as you can now because it is not going to last. An eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind. I am the king of me, no-one will ever take that away from me. My heart is mine and ever growing, it is going to stay that way. So, in the times when you think everything is going wrong, make the best of them. When it starts to go right, it will be even better and NEVER fear anything in life, physical or psychological. Dream, believe, succeed and achieve, nothing in life is impossible. Live for what you want, your life is in your hands to make it happen. Go travel the expanse of the world, but if you are not happy within your heart then nowhere will make you happy.

Peace out

Welcome to all

Make an impression on the earth with your existence. This is why you are here, searching this blog aren't you? In recent times, people have been in distress. Distress because we are finding ourselves in a meaningless, random existence. God may be dead and on this blog, we assume he is. We assume that God is dead and most morality derived from religious scripture is bogus! But here, there is a drive for fundamental goodness. Goodness, not for God or from God but simply to leave an impression, an imprint on the earth that we once lived, loved and adventured in. In this blog you will learn and think about every action you ever initiate, every thought that enters your head and most importantly the impact it has on the immediate people around you and the universe. Memento mori, all that will be left is your stamp on Mother earth. I hope you will think deeply about who you are, what you want and how you will go. You are free, no-one can take that from you.

This blog will house MY opinions and philosophy. I will probably at times contradict myself, but that should let you think, and weigh up what you agree with. I believe you should never attach yourself completely to an idea that is foreign to you, but one should use a logical cherrypicker to create your own ideas! You are not blind nor a you a one way street.